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Our History

On April 6, 1969, "XARA”, the sweetest corner of Athens, was created.

A traditional Constantinople recipe, rooted in the early part of the last century, was the kick-start of our pastry shop success.

It all started shortly before 1920, when our grandmother, Aristea, shared her love of pastry in some pastry shops in Istanbul. Two years later, after the relocation of the Hellenism in Asia Minor in 1922, she came to Athens, where she was forced to work in many different jobs for several years.

Her “treasure”, however, remained untouched in time with the rest of her recipes, hidden in her shoes, during her transportation here.

It was the end of the 1960s, when her son, Nick, with the same talent and passion for pastry, decided to take advantage of such distinctive flavors, offering the joy of enjoyment to anyone who tasted them. So, on April 6, 1969, he established “XARA”, the sweetest corner in Patission Avenue, which was then considered one of the most glamorous Avenues of Athens.

Of all the products, the ekmek with kaymak and Chicago ice creams, made the difference and were loved. As a result, the shop became quickly the center of attraction, not only for the residents of the center, as people were coming from everywhere. An ice cream here was, and still is, «a must» since people have enjoyed it along with celebrities each time!

This is how our journey and the reputation in time started, which even today constitutes the sweetest habit of our life…